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Aquatic Ecology Page
Guide to aquatic life and ecology resources on the Internet, with sections on algae, plants, animals and aquatic ecosystems.

Aquatic Network
Aquatic world information on aquaculture, conservation, education, fisheries, limnology, oceanography, ocean engineering, maritime heritage, and seafood. Online store.

Bioindicators of Aquatic Ecosystem Stress
Biological indicators have been developed and applied at field sites in the eastern U.S. to assess the effects that environmental stressors such as contaminants have on the health of aquatic organisms. (Environmental Sciences Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.)

Biological Markers of Water Pollution
A review of the literature on the use of enzyme induction in aquatic organisms to measure environmental pollution.

Canada's Aquatic Environments
Featuring the habitats, animals, and plants of Canada's oceans, rivers, lakes, and wetlands. University of Guelph.

Environment Canada: Aquatic Ecosystems
Part of the Fresh Water web site.

Potholes and Vernal Pools as Potential Indicator Systems
A technical article by Tim B. Graham about climate change and ephemeral pool ecosystems, with photographs.

Research Group of Experimental Zooplankton Ecology
A research group in Finland; studies on zooplankton, cyanobacteria, fish and blue mussels in the Baltic Sea -- staff, projects, publications.

Aegean Sea Marine Life
Directory of common inshore marine life for snorkelers and scuba divers visiting Turkey.

Antonella Gambotto Learns to Dive
The controversial author and journalist has an interesting experience of underwater life ...

Aquascape Art
Pictures of marine flora and fauna, by Nick Peters, painted underwater while on SCUBA.

Biodiverse Canada Inc.
Species and Environments found in Atlantic Canada.

Blue World Photo
Original underwater photography from the Caribbean and Pacific by Eric Bancroft.

British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR)
UK based organization who rescue stranded and sick cetaceans and other marine mammals.

BrunsonImages underwater photography of marine life
Underwater photography and statistics of marine life. Great white sharks, Carcharodon carcharias, whale sharks, dolphins and many other marine life forms. Images of crustaceans, turtles, manta rays, seals and corals.

We present "The Marine Animals of Monterey Bay" and offer a chat board for everyone who likes to enjoy the oceans.

Cochrane Artificial Reef
Information and photographs detailing the construction of the artificial reef situated in the Coral Sea near Bundaberg on the east coast of Australia.

Coral Cay Conservation
Volunteer expeditions that provide resources to help sustain livelihoods and alleviate poverty through the protection, restoration and management of coral reefs and tropical forests.

Coral Realm
All about marine life education. View hundreds of reef fish, shark and invertebrate descriptions with photographs and video clips.

Stock underwater photography and photographic images of Pacific and Red Sea coral reef marine animals arranged as a species identification guide.

Croatian underwater eco-tourism
New underwater garden mead just for divers with a new, better way of learning about marine life.

Deep Ecology Hawaii
Deep Ecology's unique dive operation proves that you can experience Hawaii's precious marine environment and preserve and protect it for future generations.

Dive BC Underwater Marine Life
A collection of underwater photographs from the Dive BC series of guide books.

Aquatic Ecology [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION] 4 issues/12 months

Dive Timor Leste
Visit East Timor's pristine coral reefs and meet their inhabitants.
Tools and links to help to plan your next shark diving vacation. Don't forget to check out the sea life gallery!

ECOCEAN Whale Shark Photo-identification Library
The ECOCEAN Whale Shark Photo-identification Library collects photos of whale sharks for mark-recapture studies and for global conservation.

Where to dive with the sharks, skates, and rays of the Americas. Elasmobranch identification.

Fish of Greece
Pictures of fish that live in the seas of Greece, their scientific, common and greek names.

Aims to promote and advance field research and implement practical projects contributing to the conservation of natural resources. Currently running diving projects in Tanzania and Madagascar.

Great White Sharks
Pictures and Video of Great White Sharks and other sea life.

Hawaiian Marine Life
Hawaii's marine wildlife, dolphins, whales, sea turtles, monk seals, seabirds, and diverse fish species

Intertidal Marine Invertebrates of the South Puget Sound
A guide to the near shore marine invertebrates of the South Puget Sound, Washington.

Learn a little about marine life
Pictures, scientific names, common names, and identifying information help to distinguish different marine life.

Manatee Facts and Photos at Crystal River, Florida
Information, Photos and Facts and on the West Indian Manatee, Crystal River Florida diving and snorkeling with manatees, Crystal River, Florida

Marine Biology
Slideshow of some of the odder and most colorful creatures of the sea.

Marine Conservation Society - Member's Dives
Find news about the diving activities for and by MCS members.

Marine Life Guides to poppular dive sites throughout the world
Wildside Guides produce a range of high quality waterproof marine life guides for scuba divers. Designed and illustrated by marine biologists Simon and Rachel Rees.

Marine Life Learning Center
To educate, inform and entertain marine life enthusiasts, scuba divers and naturalists about the underwater world.

Answers to End-Of-Chapter Study Questions for Oceanography: An Invitation to Marine Science
by Tom Garrison

Marine Life of Hawai'i
Colorful and accurate pictures show identifying characteristics for seaweeds, invertebrates, and fish. Also allows you to hear the Hawaiian name of an animal spoken, and includes a glossary of terms.

Marine Life of the Channel Islands (UK)
A large collection of photographs of marine organisms living in the English Channel, based on the book by Sue Daly.

Mote Marine Laboratory
This independent, nonprofit research organization in Sarasota, Florida, has a great deal of information about shark and dolphin research, sea turtles, other marine mammals, elasmobranchs, and other marine life indigenous to Florida waters. Site has a shark tank interactive camera.

Ocean Futures Online
Explore Ocean Futures online to learn about Keiko, the star of Free Willy, and more about our oceans, threats to the oceans and their inhabitants, and how you can help make a difference. Get the latest updates on Keiko and Jean-Michel Cousteau, join Ocean Futures for free, or shop the online store.

Ocean Image
Underwater photography of marine life around the Cornish coast, by Chris Bunney.

Red Sea Fish Identification and Pictures
Photographs of fishes found in the Red Sea which require identification.

Reef Ball Foundation, Inc.
A non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to help restore aquatic ecosystems using artificial reefs and to educate people and children about the importance of aquatic ecosystems.

Reef People
A searchable marine database with saltwater fish photos, coral reef articles, scuba diving locations, fish keeping information and a marine discussion forum.

Save Our Seas Foundation
Awareness, protection, preservation and conservation of the global marine environment are the heart of the Save Our Seas Foundation's mission. Save our Seas Foundation is a non-profit making Swiss foundation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Scuba Diving holidays
Scuba diving trips with photos and descriptions.

A joint marine project run by the Devon and Cornwall Wildlife Trusts. Information for people who are interested in the larger marine creatures such as dolphins, whales, seals, turtles and basking sharks, around the UK coastline.
Shark Attacks
All about Shark attacks with photos of victims and sharks. Site aims to report every shark attack from around the world.
Shark Survivor
Sharks are one of the most beautiful, fascinating and powerful creatures on this planet. Ultimately, their preservation will ensure ours.
Sharks - Hype & Reality
Trying to set the record straight, in an in-depth article on shark and human behaviour in the water.
South Carolina Marine Life
A guide to the marine life of the coastal South Carolina waters, featuring colorful photographs and descriptive information.

starfish: coral reef animals
Index of marine animals and information on ecology of the sea.
The Great American Fish Count
Information about an annual event held each July to introduce divers and snorkelers to the hobby of fishwatching and to educate the public about marine resources.
The International Shark Attack File
Shark attack statistics including special sections for the great white shark and shark attacks on divers.
The Sea Slug Forum
A site where you can ask questions and post information on nudibranchs and related sea slugs.
The Sea Slug Watchers
How to enjoy seaslugs; with photographs, movies and information on how to search them out!

The Slug Site
Devoted to the study of Opisthobranch Molluscs (ie Nudibranchs).
The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
Dedicated exclusively to the conservation, welfare and appreciation of all whales, dolphins and porpoises.
A website dedicated to the beauty and conservation of our ocean planet. Showcasing underwater photos, videos and dive adventures stories.
Thresher Productions
A showcase of marine life photographed while diving Malapascua Island in the Philippines. Pictures include thresher sharks, manta rays, pygmy seahorses, and mandarinfish.
Tiger Shark Research
This site relates to scientific research aimed at increasing understanding of tiger sharks. Major goals of this research include determining movement patterns and habitat use of these predators.

Travel Photography by Eric Cheng
Comprehensive web journals featuring the topside and underwater photography of Eric Cheng.
Turtle tagging project - Barbados
Photos taken on a dive off the west coast of Barbados in January 1999 to catch, tag and record turtle data for Bellairs Institute, McGill University Canada.
ultimate predator
Information on the white, tiger, and bull sharks.
Underwater fauna & flora
Underwater life pictures from all over the world.
Underwater Picture Agency
A selection of photographs of marine organisms by Dagmar and Wolfgang Fritz.

Underwater wallpaper
Free computer wallpaper photos of fish, invertebrates and other underwater creatures, many with links to pages describing the featured animals.
Utila Whale Shark Research
Investigation into the biology of the Whale Shark the oceans largest fish. Also, arranging trips for scuba divers to help and findings of a first year initial study.
Waikiki Aquarium: Marine Life Profiles
Learn how to differentiate between different marine organisms with this detailed and comprehensive site.
Welcome to Suunto USA
diving equipment, well made flash site

Telecourse Oceanography The Voyage of the Beagle : Charles Darwin's Journal of Researches (Penguin Classics)
 by Charles Darwin, et al
2005 Oceanography

Muddy Coasts of the World: Processes, Deposits and Function (Proceedings in Marine Science)
by T. Healy, et al (Hardcover - January 15, 2002) Oceanography with Infotrac : 
An Invitation to Marine Science (Hardcover, 2004) Other Editions...
Author: Tom Garrison 	
Oceanography With Infotrac : An Invitation to Marine Science (Hardcover, 2001) Other Editions...
Author: Tom Garrison Seas & Oceans  (Hardcover, 1998) Jane Parker, Steve Parker Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology (6th Edition)
by American Geological Institute, et al (Spiral-bound) PDE Apps Earth Science Mechanics of Materials

2005 Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book

Oceanography : An Invitation to Marine Science/With Info-Trak (Hardcover, 1998) Author: Tom Garrison
Essentials of Oceanography With Infotrac (Paperback, 2003)

Oceanography with Infotrac : 
An Invitation to Marine Science (Hardcover, 2004) Other Editions...
Author: Tom Garrison 	
Oceanography With Infotrac : An Invitation to Marine Science (Hardcover, 2001) Other Editions...
Author: Tom Garrison liners 2000 Oceanography 2000 1998 1994 1998 1994

The Liners: Ships of Destiny, Episode 4
Endless Voyage (1959-2000+) VHS (1999)

Ichthyology: The Study of Fish

Geography for Students

National Parks Resources

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