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Almond Trout
A simple recipe for fried trout served with almonds.

Amandine Trout
Sauteed trout served with a butter, almond, and lemon juice sauce.

Baked Trout
Trout with red onion, fresh basil, and garlic-almond butter. From Arielle's Recipe Archives.

Barbecued Trout Wrap
Trout topped with tomatoes, zucchini, and lemon, wrapped in foil and grilled.

Basil-Stuffed Trout
A grill recipe using whole trout and fresh basil. From Arielle's Recipe Archives.

Braised Treasury's Trouts
Trout wrapped in foil with onions and wine, then cooked in coals.
Fisherman's Delight
A microwave recipe for trout poached with butter.
Fisherman's Fried Trout
Pan-fried trout with green onions and almonds.
Grilled Trouts or Whitings
Made in the microwave with trout, breadcrumbs, onion, and white wine.
Just Seafood Recipes - Trout Recipes
Extensive collection of recipes with trout as the main ingredient.
Louisiana Stuffed Trout
Baked trout stuffed with crab and shrimp.
Marinated Trout
Trout marinated with leek, fresh tomatoes, and dill, served in a sour cream sauce with boiled potatoes.
Mushroom-Rice Stuffed Lake Trout
Recipe for baked trout stuffed with mushrooms, tomatoes, rice.
Oregano Trout or Salmon Fillets
Trout, wrapped in foil with lemon juice and anchovy fillets, and baked.
Parisienne Potatoes and Rainbow Trout
Broiled balls of potato with pan fried trout.
Poached Trout, Clam Sauce
Trout poached in the microwave with clam juice, chilled, then served with a clam and sliced olive sauce.
Rainbow Trout Juniper
Trout stuffed with juniper berries, fennel seeds, minced scallions, lemon rind, wrapped in foil with butter and wine, and baked.
Rainbow Trout with Sake
Broiled trout served with a sake and ginger sauce.
Salmon Trout Stuffed with Rice
Recipe calling for trout, lemons, rice, and parsley.
Shellfish Stuffed Trouts
Recipe for baked trout stuffed with scallops, shrimp, lobstermeat, crabmeat, and mushrooms.
Trout Cajun Style
A simple recipe calling for sauteing trout sprinkled with cajun spices.
Trout Cajun-Style
Recipe for broiled cajun-spiced trout.
Trout Fillets Dressed with a Green Shirt
Baked stuffed trout wrapped in cabbage leaves and served with a cream sauce.
Trout in Individual Dishes
Microwaved trout mixed with butter and lemon rind and served with crusty bread.
Trout Mousse
Recipe calling for trout, wine, and heavy cream.
Trout Recipes
Includes recipes for pan-fried and barbecued trout, hints, and nutritional information.
Trout Venetian-Style
Trout microwaved with wine and served with a cucumber, spinach, and butter sauce.
Trouts and White Wine Mayonnaise
Trout sauteed in lemon butter. Includes recipe for wine mayonnaise.
Trouts Meuniere
Made with trout, butter, lemon, and heavy cream.

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